Congratulations Frankino !

May 23, 2022


Frankino was honored with two awards this year: The UH Excellence in Undergraduate Mentorship Award and the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Faculty Award for Excellence in Service. The photos show me receiving the mentorship award from Provost Short (the Lynchian photo with the red curtains) and the service award from Dean Wells (an IU alumnist). The other two photographs are of me with Drs. Amy Sater (my chair) and Emma Perez (who was once an undergraduate in my lab, earned her PhD in developmental neuroscience and now has a postdoc focused on studying the determinants of Latina retention and success in STEM). These two amazing people forced me to allow my nomination for the mentorship award and did the thankless work of building my application folder out.

Undergraduate mentorship is the best part of my job, and I owe this award to the hundreds of students that have worked in my lab and that have been part of the student success programs to which I contribute. The service award is in recognition of my contributions to student success programs on campus, and keeping the trains running during the pandemic. It’s been quite a couple of years, and it is really something to be acknowledged in this way.

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